• Ordinance No. 302-C ...Regarding HUD-Code Manufactured Homes and Home Parks (formerly known as mobile homes and mobile home parks)



  • Ordinance No. 346..Establishing an ad valorem tax freeze for residential homestead property owners


  • Ordinance No. 350..Relating to definitions and restrictions on registered sex offenders' residency


  • Ordinance No. 352-B....Adopting an ordinance that consolidates all construction codes into a single ordinance


  • Ordinance No. 355-C....Regarding Animal Control within the City and establishing adoption and impound fees






  • Ordinance No. 397... Prohibits placing Recreational Equipment on or within five feet of the street pavement


  • Ordinance No. 406... Requires the repair or demolition of buildings which are dilapidated, substandard or which are unfit for human habitation




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